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Ambiguous one: Sibling or sister younger brother

Right ” elder brother ” for, the existence meaning of little little sister is, make him have the desire that protects her, need come down in torrents when the heroic creed of male heart whenForum of Shanghai night net

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Await, feel helpless when him with loneliness when, “Little little sister ” clever and effeminate often show consideration for than general softness make him feel comfortable more, and she adores to his, it is to let him feel self-confident all the more more, apropos1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Some kind of spirit that satisfied a man conquers desire. Right ” little sister ” for, what she wants is very simple — be very fond of by protection.

Right ” elder sister ” for, before doing not have perfect boy friend, “Little brother ” it is a very close small bug following fart, he is providedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The double benefit of equipment man and boy, he won’t be impassable intentionally with her, when she has a trouble, he won’t betray oath, and when her maternity is revealed, he was become again lovely and innocent ” dot ” . Right ” little brother ” for, “Elder sister ” often be to be worth to trustShanghai night net

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, be full of the woman of female glamour.

Potential crisis: In real life, major ” close affection ” the relation often evolves very hard to concern for real love. In relation of this kind of men and women1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, much is take pity on and the composition that be very fond of, rare what is collective language, more do not talk to go up experience comparatives, and

“Brother little sister ” right ” brother elder sister ” feeling, often more heavy and complex, and very easy defectFall in love with the sea

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Enter among them hard extricate oneself, once ” ambiguous ” excessive, once ” brother elder sister ” had a lover, “Brother little sister ” hard to avoid can become obstacle.

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